Advancing technology ushering in a New Era of Storytelling and Visualisation?

Ben Lake

by Benjamin Lake

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 15:41

A “New Era of Storytelling” is how brands can give their customers control.

Instead of being told a story, customers are able to craft their own by discovering what is important to them, at their own pace. Newly advancing technologies like real-time rendering are able to give this control to a brand and their customers.

Real-time CGI is when you have a CGI model in a ‘real-time environment’. The engine used renders frames out very quickly (usually at 60fps or more) which allows for user input and instant feedback. When an input is detected, the engine begins to re-render on the fly allowing users to interact with the 3D environment and get live feedback when making changes to the scene (which can include lighting, camera angles and texture changes)

Real-time CGI can be likened to being on location with a product and photographer, allowing you to shoot it from any angle or direction you want, and also controlling the environment around you – being able to see a fully lit and rendered shot instantly, which was not possible a short while ago.

Conventional CGI takes more time to light and render, with little feedback until reaching the final stages - meaning any changes that are needed require you to revisit previous stages in the pipeline which can be heavy on resources and time.

Real-time CGI doesn’t share the same constraints as offline rendering either. Real-time models are fully configurable and has all the elements of a product contained within it – think of it as a real car with real parts that you can interact with, but can’t physically touch – instead of pre-determined, static 2d animations or still images, you get a dynamic and interactive 3D space which enables customer interaction and encourages engagement.

It also offers potential new insights and personalised deliverables – Enabling users to interact with a car, seeing how the space inside can be customised, how electronics can help avoid potential obstacles. these are all viable in real-time, on the fly, with the added benefit of creating completely personalised content which can be served as a movie, images or even a downloadable brochure – all very powerful selling tools which normally require a lot of time and resource to create - From a creative POV, delivering final ‘ready to deploy’ assets to a client is much faster with more potential content that can be made and delivered.

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