Digital Design & Build

Creating a purpose-driven online experience.

Your website’s key purpose is to get visitors to engage with you. Whether that’s filling in a form or ordering a product, downloading an e-brochure or purely having fun, the act of engagement forms a relationship and strengthens your brand.


With that in mind, our approach to building web applications begins with your business objective. From simple portfolio sites to complex enterprise solutions, our team is focused on maximizing your customer engagement.


Coordinating the whole process is a dedicated digital project manager. Before design or development, we evaluate personas, user journeys and various use cases for your site. Creative concepts are then developed in tandem with site maps, UX and wireframes.

Part of this creative process is helping your brand find it’s voice. Think of some of the best-known companies today. Chances are, even if you’ve never driven a BMW, donned a pair of Levi’s or flown with Virgin Atlantic, you can instantly recognize their brand identity and tone of voice. From establishing a fresh persona for new material, or helping to amplify your existing voice, we can ensure your brand identity is consistent and consumer-ready across all channels.


Once you’re happy with our ideas, coding begins. Our test-driven development is a proven process that ensures applications are robust during the build, before extensive user testing and tagging for subsequent tracking and analytics takes place.