Immersive Experiences

Explore New Worlds.

Recent years have witnessed the exciting convergence of media channels, and we at Burrows have not been idle. We are leading the exploration of new virtual mediums and how they can be applied to marketing communications.


Whether you’re showcasing your product, educating an audience or crafting unique brand journeys, effective Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and WebGL experiences allow unparalleled levels of engagement with your target customer.


Some of our key clients are using this innovative technology to bring their products to life. We’ve put customers behind the wheel of a new car. We’ve let them see how a piece of furniture looks in their new home. All of it viewed through a VR headset.

Our partnership with Epic Games allows us to utilise their cutting-edge technology to deliver photorealistic, interactive imagery, both on screen and through Virtual Reality headsets.


With cutting-edge technology, we can incorporate hotspots, spatial audio and infographics. And we can transport your customers to any environment, allowing them to interact with your product, in real-time, without leaving the room.


The word ‘solution’ is fundamental to our philosophy. In short, Burrows deliver fully immersive, highly informative virtual experiences that engage your customers in wholly new and exciting ways.