Multi-Market Brochures

The feel of a printed brochure. The ease of digital publishing.

Even the most digital-savvy consumer appreciates the feel of a printed brochure.


Research conducted by Ford of Europe shows that consumers see the high-quality printed brochures as part of the ‘transactional contract’. More than a cluster of pixels, it’s a physical reminder of what your product or service can offer.


Working in tandem with tangible brochures, today you can immerse your customers in media-rich digital content as well. Gone are the days when a digital brochure was purely a PDF download. Video, audio, animations and image galleries can bring your pages to life, enticing customers to click, tap and scroll through all your content. Product stories are more vivid and compelling; complex features can be explained with clarity and eloquence.

From initial concepts to final delivery, Burrows’ in-house print management team have created brochures for a vast array of well-known brands, in more than 27 languages. In addition to crafting an engaging creative, we coordinate translations and image alterations across all of those markets. We are adept at accommodating their various requirements, often at short notice, to ensure the brochure is available on time, every time.

Your brochure can also support your digital communications. The high-quality image assets created for print or digital can easily be deployed across multiple channels, from your website to mobile apps.