Danone Yoghurt CGI

When Danone were looking to utilise CGI over conventional photography for the launch of a new yoghurt – our colleagues at WPP partner agency Geometry immediately thought of us.

With an unparalleled portfolio of automotive work already to our name, our artists relished the chance to demonstrate the Burrows talent for producing world-class CGI with a new type of product.

A key challenge lay in striking the perfect balance between photographic realism and artistic allure. In other words, we needed to convincingly show how light would interact with the different textures of the spoon and carton; and how the varying viscosities of the caramel syrup and lemon meringue yoghurt would each behave and interact. And we needed to present all of this in a realistic way, while retaining the freedom to impose a level of artistic direction. This is where CGI can offer advantages over conventional photography because the benefit of CGI is that we are not so constrained by the real world variables of a conventional shoot. So we were more easily able to manipulate lighting to the desired levels, to ensure the Danone yogurts retained their perfectly sculpted shapes on the spoon, and that the syrups dripped with just the right amount of volume. The result was an added string to our bow, and (most importantly) one very happy client!


Three week turnaround.


Two collaborating WPP agencies.


One happy client.