Dyson Product Animation

Dyson produce much of their CGI marketing material in-house, so when they required an agency to support them we jumped at the opportunity to work with the iconic British company.

With Dyson’s preferred software, requirement for global updatability, and guidelines around work flows, we needed to adapt our production process to fit around them.

Applying our automotive expertise of lighting and rendering high quality materials to the Animal Dyson Ball Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, we achieved the perfect look for the finished assets to perfectly fit alongside Dyson’s in-house produced CGI visual line-up, while also providing our CGI artists with an exciting non-automotive challenge ... well, at least until 2020 when their electric car is due to be released. (You have our details Sir James!)

100% CGI

Without access to the product the entire animation was created in CGI.

8 Parts

The animation shows 8 exploded product components that fly together.

4 Seconds

The short four second animation was finished quickly to Dyson’s high standards.