Ford GT Online Configurator

The all-new Ford GT heralded a new era of Ford performance vehicles. When we were tasked with creating an equally impressive online configurator, we launched ourselves into the project.

The all-new Ford GT represents the ultimate expression of form following function, seamlessly blending with technological innovation.

To create an online configurator that could faithfully represent the tone set by the supercar’s design principles, we worked closely with the Ford Performance engineering and marketing teams.

We created a bespoke configuration interface and a vast suite of visually-stunning CGI images across multiple heights and angles, all underpinned by complex data-driven interactions. To complete the experience, we added a Day/Night selector function inspired by real world environmental conditions. And all of this was enhanced through the creative vision and highly skilled direction of a dedicated Burrows team with decades of experience.


Images created to cover all specification combinations.


Environmental settings.


Specially crafted heritage series options.