Ford Technology Animations

Ford developed a new technology to tackle ‘wrong way’ highway crashes head on. Making the film without any danger is a great example of where a CGI approach is the right way

When Ford introduce new products and technologies we produce a series of short films to both show how the technology works and also to communicate the customer benefits.

These animations are used in a number of ways to support press releases, global websites, in the dealership and even for product training. With a CGI approach, the car and the environment are computer generated, so that when compared to shooting in live action ‘film’, CGI offers a number of benefits. In addition to the safety element, the ability to start producing the assets well ahead of the physical production of the car saves time, there is no need for an expensive film crew on set, there’s no cost for exciting camera angles, global markets can be cost-effectively catered for by changing over from left to right hand drive, changing out the car, or even reusing the road environment in an entirely different film. All this results in new creative opportunities, reduced production costs, and of course, consistently, great looking marketing assets.


News stories that included the animation along with picking up the story including FOX news, Car and Driver.


Variations of the animation produced globally.


Views in the first week on YouTube.