How do you relaunch an iconic car during challenging times?

In November 2019, Ford asked for help with the relaunch of a truly iconic vehicle, the Ford Bronco. Unprecedented times were just around the corner, with a global pandemic resulting in local and global lockdowns.

The Ford Bronco was built for adventure. Our imagery had to embody that spirit and live up to a long-awaited return of a Ford classic.

Using smaller and more nimble photographic teams, we captured extreme, inaccessible locations and then applied world-class CGI to bring the vehicles to life within challenging terrains. From sand to snow, rocky terrain and harsh conditions, we captured them all to embody the ‘Built Wild’ spirit the Ford Bronco demanded. Then using CGI production, we were able to place and perfect the Ford Bronco in each location. Throughout production we remained compliant with COVID-19 restrictions, both locally and globally, putting each vehicle variant precisely where it was born to be; the heart of the wild. The final imagery went live alongside a suite of additional assets displaying over 300 accessories during Ford’s launch in July 2020 – a challenge in itself during 2020 and the unprecedented changes on the retail and automotive landscape. In true Bronco spirit, we defied the obstacles and created a launch worthy of the return of a true legend together with Ford.


Series to create assets for


Accessories launched with the car

Over 100

Unique images "virtually" photographed