When Huawei needed an animation to support the launch of a new product, they phoned Burrows.

Animations with choreographed paths are a fantastic way to visualise the key components of a product. By controlling the angles, speed, and direction of the sequence, prime areas of a product can be effectively displayed for customers.

In collaboration with our WPP partners at the experience innovation agency, Blast Radius, we created a series of animations for Huawei to bring their exciting new phone to life. We wanted to find the best, most engaging way to display this handsome product with all its key features, including the revolutionary Leica dual-lens camera. We employed a smooth choreographed spin sequence, with true-to-life lighting and reflections, and precise finishing that would allow for a photo-realistic product visualisation. The animation was then seamlessly adapted for multi-channel use, meeting the tight deadlines of the project.


Frames created


Collaborating agencies


Product successfully visualised