A jewel in our crown

We challenged our CGI artists to create a photorealistic diamond. They delivered a cut above the rest.

Formed under extreme heat and pressure conditions that cause changes on an atomic level, diamonds are a breathtaking geological masterpiece.

Inspired by this natural fusion of art and science we set ourselves a CGI challenge: create a photorealistic visualisation of a diamond that does justice to the extensive efforts of nature. We created a cushion-cut intense yellow diamond, drawing further inspiration from “The Golden Empress” by Graff. CGI can be used to visualise high-value products in an array of settings and in any location around the world without the logistical and security risks associated with shipping. This ensures the beauty of even nature’s most precious gems can shine through. Even the intricacy of a diamond’s structure can be handled by skilled CGI artists who can fully represent detail and complexity. Any cut, any clarity, any carat, anywhere.


Highly skilled CGI artists.


Hours of intensive modelling


Challenge accepted.