Super Bowl 2017

With 111.3 million viewers and the media hailing it as the greatest Super Bowl of all time, Ford together with Burrows had a fantastic opportunity to paint Ford's vision of the future.

In 2017, Burrows contributed to Ford’s 90 second Super bowl TV ad which aired just before the renowned coin-toss!

Working alongside Global Team Blue (GTB), Burrows created the scene by modelling the autonomous future vehicle from scratch using the designer’s blue prints and a vision of the future. Burrows travelled to California to shoot the location (Pacific Coast Highway) as well as the actors in a green screen studio in LA. We then composed the final scene by bringing the live action elements and CGI future vehicle all together to bring to life Ford’s innovative vision of the future.

111.3 Million Views

111.3 Million viewers and hailed as the greatest Super Bowl of all time.

3 Elements

Separate elements; live action actors, moving scenery and a CGI future vehicle.

90 Secs

90 Second TVC, closing with the future vehicle scene.