Top Gear Animation

In May 2016 the new Top Gear were shooting a review of the Focus RS and approached Burrows for help.

They had seen a Focus RS technology animation that we had recently created for Ford and were hoping they could use some of the footage to explain the tech.

They asked us if we could create ghosted overlays in an ‘X-Ray’ style that they could integrate into their shot footage (a piece to camera by Rory Reid), plus a couple of extra simple tech shots. They sent over their footage, which we tracked in house to ensure that the powertrain we rendered matched perfectly to help bring the piece to life.

3.4 million

Over 3.4 million viewers watched the story unfold on the BBC.


The clip had over three quarters of a million views on Youtube on the Ford RS segment.

20 Seconds

Over 20 seconds of detailed mechanical processes.