Triumph Engine Animation

With CGI there are no technical limitations around what can be created. The ability to create amazing imagery is limited only by our artist's imagination

In contrast, with a traditional photography approach, an engine may need to be physically cut into sections, a camera impossibly placed to record the fast moving internal components and explosions the dark!

With our CGI approach, we simply storyboard the ideas for the client before building the 3D model to bring the animation to life. The Triumph Triple 765cc Race Specification Moto2TM Engine animation, didn’t require an engine, small cameras, cut-aways, long-lead times, or high budgets. Just 3D data and high quality artistry.


The animation has now achieved 121k views on YouTube since June 2017.

2 Weeks

A quick 2 week turnaround to produce the animation following the supply of 3D data.

30 Secs

30 Seconds of CGI animation