The Workspace Consultants

Entrepreneurs, creatives and designers have the ability to build a vision in great detail. Their idea may be powerful, but with technical drawings and verbal narrative alone, sharing the vision can be a challenge.

This is where CGI visualisation comes in. CGI artistry has the power to transform a concept into a photo-real representation of the future which can be shared by many.

The Workspace Consultants challenged us to take their design concept and bring it to life by delivering a set of CGI renderings that will help sell their designs to the client. Working closely with TWC’s designers we applied the client’s brand identity to the location, highlighting the bespoke fit of the design from both a visual and functional perspective. With a limited timeframe to convert the CAD data, add lighting, materials, fine-tune some camera angles and produce the final images, we bounced the project between our UK and Detroit studios. The final results were a hit with the client and we’re already thinking of ways to take TWC’s next amazing project to another level.


3 days to turn around the project, from start to finish.


7400 square feet of office space modelled.


1.4 million individual Sphagnum moss leaves visualised on the living wall.